ReOrient Media

A Company About Communication

The mission of ReOrient Media is to create tools that allow people to communicate effectively about complexity.

Peoples' ways of thinking — their stories, narratives and conversations — do not happen in a straight line. They wish to express themselves in a way that matches how their thoughts naturally unfold, allowing them to reveal the big picture, to engage through story, and to inspire action. We help by offering tools that better connect to the way authors create and readers think.

What We Do

Our includes the Infinite Canvas Suite, designed for authors and readers who want to go beyond linear to arrange digital material on an unbounded blank canvas. We offer freedom with structure so that you can reorient content for different audiences and circumstances.

The flagship application of the Infinite Canvas Suite is Infinite PDF, an elegant and intuitive iPad app for authoring and sharing. You can adapt your content into engaging interactive conversations, navigate with grace by creating hyperlinks and pathways for different audiences, and add elegant transitions to lend a polished look. Infinite PDF complements any software that can export a PDF, including popular visual presentation tools such as PowerPoint or Keynote.

Our team is made up of both experienced and young entrepreneurs who have come together over shared values and mission. We collaborate on products that help people to communicate, persuade, and act on complex critical issues facing us all. We are committed to building open standards, to removing the barriers between spectators and creators, and to enabling participation in the problems of the larger world. Our design principles empower a creative community to view, create, and share their own content without any gatekeepers or required subscription services.

You can contact us for support queries at: support at reorientmedia dot com.